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Romantic Gifts

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NO idea where to get gift for dating?

No idea what is good for your first love?

No idea how a romantic works?

I have the solution for you!!!!

Looking for Romantic gifts? Dating For the First time no idea what to get?

New Product!

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Phone Charms as Romantic Gifts for Dating Couples

So what is so different for this version, compared to the past?

It is more durable!

Addition layer for additional guarantee on product!

Phone Charms and Straps now have 4 layers instead of 3 in the past.

To know more about this product,

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Improved product coming soon

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A new and improved product was be launch in coming days… Check it out soon!

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Handphone Charm!

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Looking for a Handphone charm which does NOT DAMAGE your phone?

Couple HEART Cell / Mobile Phone Strap Charm! L0001A


Object is not made in metal (except the strap)!

Why is this important?

I had once attached a metal made phone charm and place it in my pocket.

The phone charm scratched my phone till my phone’s printing come off! Then the phone broke down and i sent it to the nearest service centre for repair, the person on duty looked shock (Should be wondering what i had done with my phone). The admintrater actually took the time to note down every scatches and printing that came off. Then he make me sign on the paper which contain the phone’s condition before allowing me to submit it for repair!

Hence it is very important that the charm cannot damage your phone! No matter it is internal or external! (By the way, warrenty would not cover those because it is your responsibility to take care of your phone!)

It is then I came across this product! It is made of sponge, hence it would not damage your phone.

Futhermore, this is a couple gift!
What a great way to always remember your partner!

So what are you waiting for? Grab Yours Now on Ebay!


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